Soldier Logistics Group values quality, reliability, honesty and experience as key factors when looking for carrier partners. In return, our carrier partners are treated with respect and paid quickly for their hard earned work and dedication.

Soldier Logistics Group fully understands and appreciates the tremendous services you provide! We know from first hand experience, the long hours, challenges and tough work that you put forth.

  • Motor Carrier Operating Authority
  • Bodily Injury & Public Damage Insurance Coverage of $1,000,000
  • General Liability Insurance Coverage of $1,000,000
  • Cargo Insurance - Minimum of $100,000 depending on freight type hauled
  • Workman’s Compensation (Where Required)
  • Satisfactory DOT Rating


Soldier Logistics Group is looking for established logistics managers or new logistics manager trainees who are former members of the United States military, current members in transition to the civilian workplace, or spouses of current or former members.

Logistics Managers work to establish new accounts with customers, provide logistics solutions, and manage and execute those solutions. You will serve as the face to the field, providing expert logistics support to customer base you establish. Most companies label this commissioned based position as a Freight Agent or Freight Broker Agent, at Soldier Logistics Group, you are a Logistics Manager. You will provide, manage and execute logistics solutions, that bring great value to your customer.

  • Earn up to 70% commission on all new accounts
  • We are looking for self-sufficient, driven, outgoing and motivated veterans to work from their home or office

Agent Requirements:

  • DD-214 with Honorable Discharge, or a valid military ID for current military spouses
  • High Speed Internet with reliable computer
  • Smartphone
  • Ability to problem solve, multi-task; a professional that is driven and goal-oriented
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Ability to learn, grow, and never give up